Come in, J.Crew


It’s been an absolute minute since I’ve looked twice at J.Crew. In fact, I think the last time I dipped my toe in the J.Crew pool was in the fall of 2019. (I have a very good memory and also photographic evidence to back up said memory.) Since then, I’ve really turned my attention to J.Crew’s Coolest Little Sister, Madewell and I have left J.Crew behind. But some people have asked me to do J.Crew for the Sunday quiz on IG stories and I’m all for it. It was time to give J.Crew another chance. After all, we hadyearsof the story together, do you remember the buttons? The pencil skirts? The Crystal necklaces we inexplicably wore with Graphic Tees? Oh yeah, sweet memories of the 2010s floated through the air as I was typing and I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

This dress was one of those sweet surprises. Unlike anything in my closet, now or ever, and I was so glad it was exactly what I envisioned it to be. It’s a loose fit, almost tent-like, but the sweet ruffled placket and neckline give this look a really expensive vibe. I would say it works out generously so you might size down if you are between sizes. I’m in the medium and it’s about to be too big in the shoulders, but I like the look/fit so I kept the medium. I also washed it this weekend, it washes perfectly and steams like new. Good news too – it’s 40% off today! Fancy has a price but is on Sale.

Find this dress here!

What do you think of J.Crew? Interested in seeing more pieces from there?