Muscle Tâs + Denim Skirts


Sometimes my brain flickers and I can’t think of a title for my post. 11 years of blogging and who knows how many posts later and my brain sTops computing on SEO. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret: that’s when I name the post with the items I’m wearing. So ‘muscle T-shirts + jean skirts’, it’s not creative, but the plus sign makes it cute.

Bryan’s vote is for this set. I put it on and he was like‘Damn girl, what’s your URL? Can I get your username?’I have to admit, I feel like a badass in this outfit, which is funny because it’s a pretty simple outfit. This skirt is from Old Navy, if you can believe it. I actually love the fit (fits like a glove, I’m at 8!) and the quality is really good. Find it here! I knew immediately that I wanted to pair it with this All Saints Tank that I picked up on Sale at Nordstrom. They just feel like long lost companions. You can find this tank here! (It’s generous, but I’m in the middle and I like the fit! It’s looser under the arms/underarm area and slightly cropped.)

Let’s talk about the Muscle Shirt trend right now. Of course, this style of Muscle Top is usually paiRed with a padded shoulder, which I personally like, but I know it can be polarizing. Take it or leave it? I love it because it feels like an elevated way to wear a tank this spring and Summer, but I’m dying to hear your thoughts on it!

This is All Saints (on Sale!), but I’ve found other options too!

Muscle Shirt Options

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